As a full service broker, we do not focus only on group products through the employer, but individual insurance as well.

Life Insurance

As the primary bread winner of your household, how will your family survive without your income? How will you care for your children and work if your children's caregiver pre-deceases you?

Key Benefits

  • The foundation of a sound financial plan.
  • Meet with one of our Licensed Insurance Advisers and complete our Comprehensive Financial Questionnaire to determine your insurance needs.
  • Licensed agency for Savings Bank Life Insurance.
  • Term Life, Universal Life, Variable Universal Life and Whole Life.

Long Term Care

Insurance designed to help protect an individual's assets as they manage the high cost of medical care; whether at home, in an assisted living facility or skilled nursing facility. 50% of Americans over the age of 65 are at risk of entering a  skilled nursing facility.

Key Benefits

  • Helps pay for either private skilled nursing care or a skilled nursing facility.
  • Protects your assets from the cost of nursing care Customized plans to meet individual needs.

Disability Insurance

If you are injured on the job you may be covered by workers' compensation, but what if you are injured at home? A long-term disability policy will protect your most valuable asset, your ability to earn an income, no matter where you become disabled.

Key Benefits

  • Covers both sickness and accident.
  • Covers up to 66% of your monthly earnings.
  • Use an individual plan to supplement a group policy.
  • Benefits payable after as little as 14 days.
  • Maternity covered same as any illness.

Cancer Expense

As reported by the American Cancer Society, 35% of the cost of cancer is directly related to medical care which should be covered by your health care provider. The indirect costs, such as: lost income, co-pays and transportation expenses total 65% of the cost of fighting the disease of cancer. One in two men and one in three women will face the personal battle of cancer in their lifetime.

Key Benefits

  • Helps pay for both the medical and non-medical costs associated with cancer treatment.
  • Individual and family coverage available.
  • Preventative Care benefits included.
  • Benefits paid directly to the insured.
  • Pays benefits in addition to any other insurance plan.

Excess Workers' Compensation

We've been providing Excess Workers' Compensation coverage to self-insured employers since 1996. These employers have discovered that self-insurance makes sense. Self-insurance offers what today's employers need in a risk management program: more control, aggressive claims management, and improved cash flow advantages not found in first dollar programs.

Group Products

LifePlus Insurance Agency provides employee group benefit programs that satisfy the individual needs of each client and its employees. All programs may be designed and offered to be paid for by the employer, the employee or a combination of the two.

The group benefits portfolio consists of life, health, disability, cancer, accident and sickness, dental, and long-term care insurance products. No matter how many plans or carriers are used, the LifePlus Insurance Agency can simplify procedures by being a central source of information and a single point of contact.

At LifePlus Insurance Agency, we coordinate planning and communication for employee benefits. After compiling data on the existing benefit package, LifePlus Insurance Agency representatives meet with each employee, review the available benefits, and perform a corporate benefit enrollment. Structure appropriate voluntary insurance products LifePlus Insurance Agency will review existing programs and suggest products to fill any "gaps" in coverage. Create innovative solutions As an example, LifePlus Insurance Agency may suggest a fully funded long-term disability program as an alternative to unlimited sick day accumulation. With its group benefit products, LifePlus Insurance Agency maximizes the impact of employer benefit dollars and creates a comprehensive benefit package that meets the needs of both employer and employees.