We pride ourselves on a job well done. Below you will find some feedback from our clients.


  • AS THE DIRECTOR of Human Resources for the Nashoba Regional School District, I am writing in reference to Peter Cook, Jr. and LifePlus Insurance Agency. Formerly, as the Director of Payroll and Benefits and more recently as the Director of Human Resources for the Town of Framingham, I worked with Peter and his staff for several years. In my new position with the Nashoba Regional School District, again, I have enlisted Peter and LifePlus Insurance Agency to work with the District.

    Peter Cook, Jr. proved himself to be a trustworthy and knowledgeable professional who helped me organize the existing benefits offered to Framingham employees. At the onset of our relationship, Peter helped the Town acquire the best rates for our life insurance products. His presentation of the quotes and products was incredible, detailed, complete and easy to understand. Once the best product was purchased, he helped us to implement changes and introduce the products. Peter and his outstanding staff came to our offices and explained the benefits to our employees, and streamlined the deduction and billing process. Nothing was too much to ask of them. They managed a transition for 2,000 employees in a way that was organized and actually enjoyable for my department.

    Here in Nashoba, Peter and his staff have come in to make sense out of what can only described as a mess. When I arrived, I found that Nashoba offered multiple levels of benefits at varied rates. There was no organization. There were very few records. Again, Peter and his staff responded immediately. Tirelessly and without hesitation, they researched our plans and came up with a solution. Peter Cook managed everything and has done so with incredible competence and integrity. Thanks to him, we are well on our way to where we should be in the District.

    Peter has been one of the most responsive professionals with whom I have worked in the public sector. I trust him and respect him as well as his staff. They have good hearts and are incredibly fun to be around! I highly recommend LifePlus as a business partner, and am available to answer any specific questions that you may have. Best wishes!

  • Monica Visco

  • Director of Human Resources at Nashoba Regional School
  • THE ALTUS DENTAL sales and business relations group has really enjoyed working with Peter Cook, Jr. and his agency, LifePlus, through the years. We are very appreciative of Peter and his teams honest feedback and straightforward approach to the sales and client retention effort. They’ve taken the time to be knowledgeable about our products and services as well as the Altus Dental story. They know our strengths, what we bring to the table for their clients and can always be counted on to provide suggestions that assist us in efforts to grow and find success.

  • Joe Perroni

  • Altus Vice President of Sales
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  • DURING THIS TIME the HR Department has developed a partnership with all Life Plus employees; Carol, Jim, Roger and Peter. When we contact them (whether by phone or email) their response time is exceptional. We trust their expertise and are confident in their guidance. Most importantly, their mission is to serve our employees’ insurance needs, often times when they are at their most vulnerable.

    Life Plus has our back!

  • Marianne Long

  • Human Resources Director
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  • WE ARE COMING up on one year with LifePlus, and I just want to say that working with [Peter], Jim, Carol, and Roger has been a great experience.

    I asked Carol for additional packets the other day, and Jim dropped them off this morning. When I call or if an employee calls and has an issue, between the three of them, the employee has an answer right away! I am so impressed with your group and appreciate their customer service and attention to detail.

    A broker is supposed to be there if you need help and to support you.

    For that, I thank you!

    I know that we are not the only clients you have, but your team continues to make us feel like we are.

    Thank you for everything!

  • Robin M. Tusino

  • Benefits Manager, Town of Framingham
  • I AM PLEASED to say that my cancer case claims were handled in a timely, supportive manner. In fact, I consider my agent the 9th member of "My Team" -- radiologist, hemotologist, anesthesiologist, surgeon, oncologist, psychologist, cosmetologist, reconstructor -- and my LifePlus representative.

    When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I called her and said "I'm sick. I can't navigate alone through a maze of reports, statements and claim forms while enduring multiple procedures and treatments. Help!" She certainly did. Over a 3 year period of surgery, radiation, and reconstruction she has been my advisor and advocate for all benefits covered by my cancer protection policy. Thank you.

  • Eileen McRell

  • _______________________________________________________

  • ALLSTATE BENEFITS APPRECIATES LifePlus’ professionalism and focus on their customers. LifePlus is a leader in sales for Allstate Benefits and is valued customer. They do an excellent job writing good business and providing great customer service.

  • Jim Christenson, CEBS

  • Field Vice President Northeast Team